Who We Are?

Hey there, Felicia here. At Import Diary we help importers overcome obstacles in their path with skill-building training, by offering a variety of free import tutorials that help build their skillset so that they can be self-sufficient Entrepreneurs.

Importation tutorials

Learn how to import quality and afordable products from any country in the world , best way to ship, learn various types of both local and international taxes. and effective ways to sell you products locally and online.
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Dropshipping is the best alternative if you have little or no money to start an importation business. At import diary, you will learn everything you need to start and grow your dropshipping business read more


Learn the top tips and tricks to rank and stay on the number one page on Amazon for a particular products. Make thousands of sales and grow your ecommerce business
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Our Journey

On import diary you will learn

  •  How to import products from any part of the world to your doorsteps, 
  • Easy ways to start a dropshipping business and 
  • Amazon FBA.

I also offer variety of free tutorials that help you build your skillset so that you can overcome your obstacles and become a self sufficient Enterprenuer. Join our community of importers today.