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 If you want to buy or import items from Aliexpress the first thing you should do is to Create an Aliexpress account as a buyer. Opening an Aliexpress Account is very easy and can be done within a few seconds.


For the sake of this article, I am going to create a new Aliexpress Account so that you can easily follow through.in the middle right of the dashboard click join.

You will see a pop up like the one below, enter your email address and password and then click on create an account.

You can also log in with your social media accounts if you don’t have an email address. I highly recommend you create an email account if you don’t already have one. 

After you click on create an account it will take you back to the main dashboard. Now that our new account has been created, we should go ahead and set it up by entering our personal information and shipping details. 


But before we set up the account, I want to quickly walk you through your Aliexpress account dashboard so that you don’t see it as too complex or confusing.

Go to Account on the top right of the dashboard and click on Account

Once you do that It will take you to this page below.

This is basically where you will be running most of the transactions aside sourcing for products.

1- My orders- In my orders, you will be able to see and manage all the orders that have been placed by you on this platform.

2- Manage feedback is where you can give your feedback on any product you already purchased.

3- Coupons-you can see and access all your coupons here. I will show you how to get a coupon that you can use at checkout to apply a discount on all your purchases.

4- Member Center is where you can see your membership status and all the rewards and points you have accumulated as a Silver, bronze, gold or diamond member

5- Recently viewed products this is self-explanatory all the items you recently viewed will appear here just in case you forgot to add an item to your wishlist, you can still find them here.

6- My Shipping address-you can add more than one shipping address to this list, in my account, I have both Nigeria, Ghana, and China shipping addresses. I use the Ghana address to ship directly to my customers in Ghana, and whenever I’m trying to avoid expensive express shipping costs I shop the items directly to my freight forwarders in China who in turn ship the items to Nigeria within 3 days at a reduced cost.

7-Change password -Here you can change or reset your password.

8- Manage Report-this is where you can report unresolved issues between you and the seller and the Alibaba team will help resolve the problem amicably

9- Messages -this is where you will see all your messages, chat history and also receive notification for deals that are available to you

10- Wishlist-This is where you will find all the items that you liked as you go through the products on Aliexpress so that when you are done searching you can

go through all the items that you like one more time, and make comparisons, check seller ratings and then make your final decision on the product

whether to buy or not. Any item that does not meet your expectations can be removed from the wishlist at any time.

 11- My favorite store you can also add multiple stores to your favorite store and easily access them whenever you want

12- Account settings you can manage all your account settings and view all your followers and those you follow, you can also upload your picture if you want.-Account- you can quickly edit and add some of your personal information and is where you will see your followers and the people you also follow.

All these will make sense to you when we start shopping.


Now that we are familiar with our Aliexpress dashboard, we should go back to our homepage and start shopping.

There are several ways to search for an item on Aliexpress, you can either search by item name if you are searching for something specific, or search by item categories if you don’t know exactly what to buy.

You can also search by items on sale or search with the picture of the item ( The picture search currently works only on the mobile app .hopefully it will work on the computer soon just like the other Alibaba platforms).

Other things you can consider checking is items on flash sales, and items that are displayed live, 

if you are a new user on this platform you can go to New User zone and get the new user gifts such as the items that are sold for as low as $0.01 (N3), you also have the option of choosing a $3 (N1,195) coupon or an exclusive deal( certain % off).

  This is like a thank you from Aliexpress to you for joining their platform for the first time. but bear in mind that you can only choose one deal at a time you can’t have the 3 deals all at once.

We should continue our shopping 

Let’s assume we want to buy sneakers, I will go ahead and type in ‘sneakers” these are some of the varieties of sneakers on this platform you can choose to niche down to male or female sneakers or even sneakers for kids, 

if you have a brand name in mind you can include that as well. scroll down until you find the one that you like the next thing to do is to check the price of the item and the quantity sold till date by this seller because our main aim here is to buy both affordable but also quality products we would also check the ratings of the sneakers. 

If you like what you’ve seen so far you can then add it to your wishlist to be reviewed later. go ahead and look for more sneakers and add them to your wishlist as well so that at the end of the search, we can easily compare them against each other and then pick out the winning sneakers.

Once you are satisfied with the quantity you have gotten so far you can then go back to your wish list and check and compare each of the sneakers one after the other

Some of the things you should be checking are 

The ratings of the seller because we want to make sure that we are not buying from just anyone but suppliers with good positive feedback score. I usually recommend 95% and above

Check how long the supplier has been in business

Check the -delivery score- of the seller and how long it takes them to deliver a product

Check if the sizes and colors you want is available

Check both the positive and negative feedback of other buyers of the product 

If you are still not sure about the product ask questions from other buyers on the platform and you will get good feedback that will help you to make your final decision.

Once you are satisfied with your investigation, choose the item quantity and color and add products to your you can continue shopping if you want to buy more items, if not proceed to cart and modify your order  You can also chat directly with the supplier if you want to customize your order to your brand name or logo or if you want to know more about the products and the discount they give for bulk purchase, or to find out more information about their wholesale prices.

After that choose your shipping option and proceed to add payment details and place your order, Viola!! your order has been placed. you will be notified when the seller ship your item and your tracking number will be given to you to track your order.

let’s go on and shop for wigs

This time we will shop by category, if you are unsure of what to buy, you can browse these different categories, under category scroll down to beauty health and hair, under that we can see the different subcategories but the one we are looking for is wigs .click on lace wigs you can see the varieties of wigs they have we can follow the same process as the sneakers and niche down to free shipping, wigs below 10,000 Naira, wigs with 4-star ratings and above,

wigs that have the highest sale, and also by popularity. We can check how many were sold .you can add as many as you want to your wish to be reviewed in more detail later on.

Following the previous process, check sellers positive feedback, and the feedback from the people who bought the wig, ask questions from the buyers and if you are okay with the product then click on the wig and choose the quantity you would like to buy as well as color and density after doing that you will be shown the actual price.

 The next step is to click on the buy now button or add to cart if you still want to continue shopping.

 You can communicate directly with the seller to ask them any questions you have or if you want to requests for customization and add your logo or brand name on the package of the product you are buying after that you can proceed to make payment.



Bonus Tips:  I want to show you my favorite shipping method.

 This is an easy way to ship your items to Nigeria within 3 days through cargo shipping and paying less than N4000 per kg. As we can see most of these suppliers offer free shipping but it will take a longer time for your goods to arrive Nigeria and the other options they have like DHL, FedEx, etc charge a very high price and your goods will arrive after 10 days.

 So let’s say you have a last-minute order and need the items you purchase urgently.    If you have an agent in China or freight forwarder you can ask the seller to ship to the address of your agent and you will then instruct your agent to do express shipping for you

Express shipping is between 3200 to 3500.you will be notified within 72 hrs to come to pick up your goods in their Lagos office but if you are outside Lagos you can ask them to courier it to your state.this method is mostly used when shopping on Alibaba and 1688.come. 

if you are in Ghana, sierra leone Kenya you can use ship-anywhere, they charge so & so I have made a list of trusted shipping agents and the ones I use Find the link in the description below. 

You can go on their website and check their services price lists, etc.

The next step in this process is collecting the item in Nigeria. if you chose the Aliexpress standard shipping your items will come through the post where you can go and pick it up sometimes the post-dispatch will deliver the items to your address where you will be asked to pay a little fee from 100 to 500 naira.

If you chose DHL or FedEx, the items will be delivered directly to your address.

If you prefer to learn by watching videos you can watch my step by step tutorial here.

VIDEO >>>>>

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  • The good side of shopping on Aliexpress is that you can easily buy just a single item directly from the manufacturers in China, unlike alibaba.com and 1688.com that uses MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity).
  • You also get Coupons from the sellers on the platform to be used for items you buy in their store as well as coupons from Aliexpress to further reduce the cost of any item you buy on the platform.
  • In addition to that, you get new user gifts for creating an account for the first time on Aliexpress.
  • They offer buyers protection with their escrow system.
  • Aliexpress ships to over 200 countries in the world.
  • The downside of shopping on Aliexpress is that it is more expensive compared to the other platforms owned by the Alibaba group (alibaba.com and 1688).


Aliexpress was launched in 2010 to connect the international customers who are looking to bypass the middleman and buy goods directly from the Chinese manufacturers in China at an affordable price. The platform is in English and is easy to use, it offers buyers protection by using escrow accounts to keep the buyer’s money safe until they receive the items they ordered for and confirm the accuracy. Aliexpress ship to over 200 countries in the world, and offer lots of discounts in the form of coupons.

Search for an item you want to buy, check item price, product ratings, available sizes, and colors, check the supplier’s positive feedback score, check feedback from previous buyers, ask the buyers questions concerning the product, Add your items to cart, chat with sellers directly for customization or ask for a discount for bulk purchase. Enter payment details, apply coupons and place your order, get your tracking number and track your order to Nigeria or your country of residence. For more speed and cost-effective shipping use a freight forwarder in China to ship your goods.

More updates coming soon.


I hope this article has helped answer your questions about buying from Aliexpress. if you have any questions and contributions please leave a comment below, let us know how and why you choose to shop on Aliexpress and the shipping methods you use, to help others and build a better community.

Thank you for stopping by.

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