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Here I am sitting at the corner of my bed and wondering what Jump-send is.

So what exactly is Jumpsend?

Jumpsend is a marketplace of more than 100,000  active shoppers who are actively searching for products with good deals on Amazon. Within Jumpsend there are two areas, one of them is product promotion and the other one is Jumpsend email campaigns. The goal with the promotions is to help sellers who are just launching products to get from page 50 to number one on Amazon. The email campaign, on the other hand, helps sellers get reviews and also prevent negative reviews. Now Let’s dive deep into how this works.

Products that appear on the first page of search results on amazon usually get tons of traffic and sales, So as an amazon seller you will want your product to rank on the first page for you to make good sales.

The sad part, however, is that Amazon can only rank your products on the number one page of search results if you’ve already made at least 3 to 5 sales and if your product has verified reviews.




How amazon algorithm work is, it is mainly depending on sales volume that being said you need to sell a little more than your competitors to get ahead of them in the ranking game, other aspects come into play when we talk about the algorithm but for the most path sales volume is the Biggest factor when it comes to ranking products.

So let’s say for example you are selling a Yoga mat, what you need to do is find out how much your competitors are selling per day and then you need to sell about 2 times more than that per day for 3 to 7 days, Check around day 4 to see if there’s a rank increase because the longer you sell at that consistently higher sale rate than your competitors, the more cemented your ranking will be for your product.

 One of the fastest ways to make your first sales and also get verified reviews on Amazon is to offer discounts and coupons on these products by using sites like jumpsend.


Jumpsend | 5 Easy Steps Ultimate Guide, Plus Video Illustration 1



#1 – What is jumpsend and how it solves problems for Amazon Sellers and buyers 

The main reason jumpsend was created Is to help sellers launch products successfully on Amazon. Jumpsend can be used to make coupons, boost reviews and rank products on the first page of Amazon. It was originally a standalone brand but now it has been rebranded and is now part of Jungle scout software suite. 

Jumpsend is a software tool that solves the problem of sales and product reviews for new and existing Amazon sellers. It also has over 100,000 existing Customers who are actively looking to buy discounted products on Amazon.

What they do is jumpsend has a deals marketplace on their website where Amazon sellers can promote their products to over 100,000 shoppers and essentially giving away coupons and using it to boost their sales so that they can rank higher on Amazon and grow their sales organically.


what is jumpsend


They also have a built-in platform for sending emails that are automated and automated emails help sellers get reviews. So when customers purchase their products, they can set up sequences by emailing their customers maybe three or four times over the week or once the product is shipped or once it is delivered or if the products have been refunded. 

Because the creators of jumpsend want sellers who sign up to have peace of mind they make sure to follow the amazon rules in order not to get sellers penalized for breaking the amazon rules. whatever they do is within Amazon terms of service. One of the things they pride themselves in is that they follow the amazon rules, unlike some other services out there.

Most of what they do is to help beginners and intermediate sellers, but old sellers also use the email services to get reviews and coupons to run their promotions. For promotions, jump send cover just the UK and US Amazon and for emails, they cover almost all the European markets and North America market.

Jumpsend has a high impact on your Amazon sales and also help you rank for keywords and getting to the top of Amazon.



#2- Jumpsend alternative 

There are so many products you can use aside from Jumpsend. below is a list of the alternative to Jumpsend 

  • Jungle Scout 
  • Viral launch 
  • Zon master
  • Zonjump
  • Feedback whiz
  • Vipon
  • Feedback genuine


#3- Jumpsend vs viral launch

Jumpsend | 5 Easy Steps Ultimate Guide, Plus Video Illustration 2

Jumpsend is a giveaway service and also an email responder. You kinda get both two for one it’s pretty cheap it’s $29 per month and you get 3 days free trial it’s easy to use all you have to do is create your coupon upload it to jumpsend and then pretty much just set it and forget it.

The downside to jumpsend is that because Jumpsend is one of the most known services for Amazon sellers, it now has a reputation of being low quality based around the fact that hijackers will search for deeply discounted products, buy them and then resell them on your listing.

Secondly, there’s no way to target your specific keyword with jumpsend, so what jumpsend is doing when you are using it for a giveaway is it raises your VSR which will affect your ranking because you are not targeting a specific keyword at this point. If you are looking for something cheap and easy or if you are looking to set and forget, Jumpsend might be for you.



Viral launch, on the other hand, is a platform that will cover every single step of a private label from start to finish. They have a service for product research, they could do your listing and your product photos for you or they could just do your launch.

For product research, the Viral launch is the best. A major benefit of using a launch service is they use a private website for their giveaways Unlike the jumpsend giveaway site nobody knows what site viral launch uses to give away their discounted products this completely takes care of the issue we had of hijackers purchasing your products to sell on your listing.

Secondly Unlike jumpsend viral launch has something called the organic URL, the organic URL is similar in the sense that when our coupons go out, and a customer buys our products using our coupon on viral launch they will get sent a link to the product using that organic URL with the keyword that we decided we want to use.

For instance, if we want to rank for the product garlic press we will give viral launch the keyword garlic press to use, this method could also be considered ranking manipulation, but Viral launch has claimed that they’ve done 10s Of 1000s of organic URL launches and they’ve never had an issue,  so then I think it’s safe but of course use it at your own risk.

So when we talk about how much you want to give away, Viral Launch has couches. These couches offer a completely free service. All you need to do is send them an email and say I’m looking to launch a product, what do you think the highest volume of keywords is for this particular product? How many units do you think I should give away per day? and for how long?

They say they respond in 24 hours I have noticed that sometimes it takes up to 48 hrs or even more to respond sometimes, 

If you do talk to a coach they guarantee that you will be on the first page if you follow their advice. and that’s nice because you know your launch is going to be successful and you don’t get that kind of Peace of mind with the other alternatives out there.

It is also nice that they offer real-time keyword tracking so you can find out where you are in the ranking throughout your launch.

Another free service that they have that’s available to you is listing dojo and what this is is that it’s a split testing service. After your listing is completed you can split test your price, your photo your listing copy to make sure it’s as optimized as possible 

So really the only drawback to viral launch is its very pricey, it’s $400 to launch a product but like I said you have that Peace of mind that your launch is going to be effective they do offer a subscription service and you can do as many launches as you want with as many products

 as you want.


jumpsend now jungle scout

#4- How does jump send work 

For sellers, the first thing to do is sign up and link your amazon account to jumpsend. Each plan jumpsend offer comes with a maximum number of products that you can promote at a time.

If you are on the starter plan you will only have 3 products available for either email campaigns or promotions this is pretty straightforward it just even syncs your products. One of the main things 

that people use jump send for is for product promotions

  1. List your products on amazon
  2. Sign up for jungle scout 
  3. Use jump send to get sales and verified reviews 
  4. Rank your product on Amazon and make money. Watch the detailed tutorial on Jumpsend below.


And this is how it works for Buyers 

  • Go to jumpsend.com
  • Sign up for buyers Account on jumpsend 
  • Search for deals on the products you want 
  • Request for approval 
  • Get the coupon code and apply it to your purchase on Amazon



#5- How to use Jumpsend to rank your product on Amazon

watch this 8 mins video on how to use Jumpsend to create coupons and rank your product on Amazon





Frequently Asked Questions Jumpsend 



Just to wrap things up I use viral launch because I think it’s right for me but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be right for you consider all the options we’ve talked about and use the one that you see the most value in.

If this guide is helpful please leave a comment below and let me know if you have any questions as regards jumpsend or other launching services.



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