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Jungle Scout is here to give entrepreneurs the tools & resources they need to launch and grow a successful Amazon business. Amazon is dominating eCommerce and the best time to start an online business is now.

Jungle Scout is the best all-in-one suite of  Amazon seller tools that help Amazon sellers at every stage of their journey. These tools help sellers with everything from finding a product,  sourcing a supplier, managing inventory, launching and optimizing a product listing and more. They also have a free academy where you can learn everything from A to Z about selling on Amazon. And also a Marketplace to outsource quality content. Let’s dive straight in to see how each Jungle scout tool works and how it can help scale your Amazon business for maximum profit.

In Jungle scout, Their mission is to make Amazon sellers just like yourself more successful by putting together different Amazon seller tools directly into one platform so that you don’t have to pay for multiple products or log into multiple platforms.



Jungle scout helps you

#1-What is Jungle Scout? And what does Jungle scout do?

jungle Scout offers services and software tools to help sellers on amazon meet their goals. Jungle Scout was initially created as the solution to finding great products to sell on Amazon. Today, they offer all the great tools you need to launch a successful business on Amazon.


It helps you to;

  1. Find Profitable Product,  Track the Competition and Uncover Niche Product Ideas
  2. Source for products from Trusted Suppliers
  3. Identify Powerful Keyword Trends, Track your Rank, Optimize your Listings & PP
  4. Know Your True Amazon Profits, Real-Time Sales/Profit Analytics Dashboard
  5. Never Run Out of Inventory
  6. Receive Amazon Product Alerts on Your ASINs or Competitors
  7. Learn with Industry Leader Training in Jungle scout free Academy.


#2- Is jungle scout owned by Amazon?

The simple answer to this question is No, Jungle scout is not owned by amazon neither is it affiliated to Amazon. It was founded in 2015 by Greg Mercer who is,

  1. An 8 Figure Amazon Seller,
  2. Winner of The Seller Awards for Best Amazon Expert,
  3. He is also a featured speaker at industry-leading conferences, including SellerCon, Prosper Show, Brand Accelerator & more.
  4. Guest of dozens of eCommerce podcasts such as  $100 MBA, Smart Passive Income, Foundr & more
  5. Featured in Forbes, Huffpost, Inc., Entrepreneur & others.
  6. Jungle Scout has over 120 employees across the globe, with offices in Austin Texas, Vancouver Canada, and Shenzhen China


#-3 Find out How jungle scout works and how it can help you 10X your Amazon profit.

JungleScout:​​ A web-based software suite has grown into an all-in-one tool that helps users research, source, launch, manage and grow their Amazon business. Below are the 11 powerful features they offer on the platform. This can be grouped into 2 groups of features. 1) Core research features and  2) Seller features.

Jungle Scout | The 5 Easy Steps Ultimate guide plus video illustration  1


1- Core Research Features


Jungle Extension​:

jungle scout chrome extension

  1. The very first step when you are starting on Amazon is to search for a product, jungle Scout chrome extension makes the search process less stressful. It is designed to make product research quick & easy.
  2. It runs on two different pages on Amazon. The first one is the search results page after you search for a product, and the second one is the listing page after you click unto a listing.
  3. When a search is run on the chrome extension it shows important metrics like average monthly sales, sales Rank, price and Reviews
  4. Jungle scout chrome extension also shows the opportunity score. This is a very powerful feature that summarizes the level of demand and competition which are the 2 most important things to analyze when researching products


how to use jungle scout chrome extension


Keyword Scout​:

Jungle Scout | The 5 Easy Steps Ultimate guide plus video illustration  2


  1. Keyword Scout is the most accurate and comprehensive Amazon keyword research tool on the market.
  2. You can use it to generate thousands of high-converting, top-ranking keywords And also get recommended PPC bids to get your product noticed on Amazon.
  3. It helps you spot upcoming trends or items that are going out of trend.
  4. Keyword Scout helps you to see what keywords your competitors are ranking for so that you can try and outrank them.
  5. You are also able to learn about product seasonality and spot new trends early, and easily create listings with that information.
  6. It makes Keyword research simple, and you have the historical results and also find high-quality keywords searches and search volume,
  7. You can also use Jungle keyword Scout to generate thousands of high-converting top ranking keywords, and leverage all this to build optimized listings for your products.

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Supplier Database:

Jungle scout supplier database

  1. The problem most Amazon sellers have been facing is the frustration of finding products on Alibaba.
  2. They keep asking questions like “My competitors are selling super cheap, Where do my competitors Source their products from?”, or  “How can I get quality products like my competitors?”.
  3. The Jungle Scout Supplier Database tool helps you find legitimate global suppliers used by the world’s best brands.
  4. With this tool, you can find and use the same Factory as the top-selling product on Amazon.
  5. The first-of-its-kind feature among  Amazon selling tools, it works like magic. It’s a simple two-step process. The first step is to locate the top-rated product on Amazon.
  6.  The next step is to copy the ASIN and paste it into the supplier database feature in Jungle Scout. It will tell you who the exact Factory is.
  7. You can then reach out and use the same Factory to get that same high quality and low prices product and be competitive on Amazon. with the help of the Jungle Scout Supplier Database.

Product Database:

product database

  1. An idea-finding engine with the power to filter Amazon’s entire product catalog in seconds.
  2. A comprehensive database containing over 70 million products pulled straight from the Amazon catalog.
  3. Organize and explore all the product ideas that match your specific search criteria.


Opportunity Finder:

discover nitche opportunity

  1. Easily discover niches with high-demand and low-competition keywords so you can find products and start selling fast.
  2. Opportunity finder helps you find amazing opportunities on Amazon ASIN search help you figure out the suppliers your competitors are using
  3. Jungle Scout will give you what is called an opportunity score jungle Scout will create this opportunity score and tell you how good of an opportunity is this specific product which helps you out because then you don’t have to do any of this backend calculations.
  4. Jungle Scout also gives you an opportunity score so if you are doing product research it will give you a bunch of data and tell you how good of an opportunity this product is.


 Product Tracker:​

product tracker


  1. Easily organize and compare your product ideas to confidently pick your next Amazon ASIN. You’re backed by the most accurate, up-to-date data in the industry.


 2 -Seller Features

Sales Analytics:

Jungle Scout | The 5 Easy Steps Ultimate guide plus video illustration  3

  1. Jungle Scout Sales analytics tool is your financial command center. You can use this tool to uncover your true profit instantly, keep track of your Amazon fees, and also understand the health of your business in real-time.
  2. You can see which items are performing well and which items are performing poorly. This will help reduce expenses and increase your profit.
  3. It helps you to compare sales data in the past week or month with the past period
  4. It helps you identify things you need to be aware of it is much easier to quickly identify any issues or when things are going well so you can  address them accordingly
  5. It can be used to check shipment status. When you ship to Amazon, jungle Scout will tell you whether or not Amazon is receiving your shipment.
  6. It helps you to know if your order has been shipped, closed or if it is still in transit.
  7. The sales analytics tool can help you to verify a new product or niche and also find trending products on Amazon.


Inventory Manager:

Jungle Scout | The 5 Easy Steps Ultimate guide plus video illustration  4


  1. A data-driven approach to your Amazon inventory management. Accurately predict how much stock you should order and the best dates to order it to boost your Amazon sales and avoid stockouts and fees.
  2. At a glance, you can see exactly what you need to reorder when you need to reorder it and if there is anything that is overstocked.
  3. you can see everything that is out of stock then you should be thinking of ways to make more sales like promotions, increasing your PPC.
  4. At a glance, you can get all that information right away which helps to make sure that you are never running out of stock or never have too much inventory in stock.
  5. Jungle scout calculate how much inventory you should order
  6. Or maybe you are overstocked with all your cash is  tied up in inventory
  7. Or you get hit with those dreaded major inventory storage fees
  8. Or maybe when you go out of stock you lose keyword rank and that can be a very frustrating thing especially when your product is selling well and then you run out of stock.
  9. Or maybe you’ve been bad with your inventory management and as a result, Amazon has been limiting you due to your inventory performance index score.
  10. You are losing out on sales because you run out of stock



Jungle Scout | The 5 Easy Steps Ultimate guide plus video illustration  5

  1. Keep an eye on products you’re tracking or selling to monitor changes in price, reviews, and more.
  2.  Stay informed about critical Amazon product changes so you can take action fast.
  3. Set alert to monitor your current and future or potential competitors, Monitor all of your competitors.
  4. Set up alerts to track all listing changesTracklisting changes
  5. Hijackers and suppressions get notified
  6. This will make sure you don’t have one of these problems listed below again
  7. Maybe you’ve had suppressed listings and you missed out on sales for some days because you weren’t aware
  8. Or you have a hijacker notice that you didn’t know about which these are the worse not to know they are there because you can’t take action on it.
  9. Or maybe your pictures or your price or listing changed
  10. Or you want to keep a closer eye on a new niche or product you are tracking
  11. Or maybe you just don’t want to have to check amazon every day to make sure that everything is going smoothly



Jungle Scout | The 5 Easy Steps Ultimate guide plus video illustration  6


  1. Allows Sellers to promote their Amazon products & send automated customer emails. Follow up with your Amazon customers, ensuring they’ve received their products, have had no issues, and to ask them to leave feedback and reviews.



Jungle Scout | The 5 Easy Steps Ultimate guide plus video illustration  7

True to its name, Jungle Scout Academy is where you go to learn about selling on Amazon. Get tried and tested tips from real Amazon sellers in exclusive, bite-sized tutorials


One thing that comes up over and over again with most amazon sellers is that


Most Amazon sellers are looking for new education all the time, this is a constantly moving environment whether or not you are just starting or you are trying to grow and scale your business we constantly here


Oh, I’m tired of spending so much money on courses that don’t help me get to where I want to be,


The training provided is outdated, It is frustrating to have to search around all over youtube to find the information that you are searching for.


The new jungle scout academy is direct to address the pain point that both new and existing Amazon sellers have.


This is both for people who are just starting and trying to start their first business, and it’s also for those experienced sellers who are trying to learn the latest tips and tricks and tactics for how to grow on Amazon today if you, ve got what’s working on Amazon today. So what’s inside Jungle Scout Academy Jungle scout has


  1. over 50 high-quality content well edited and easy to consume videos
  2. It has been broken down into little bite-size pieces that are well organized and updated frequently. And new modules are being released every week including downloadable files.
  3. They are easier to learn even though you only have 10mins to watch a few of them
  4. This content is designed in such a way that if you’ve never sold on Amazon before and you are looking to launch your first product you will learn exactly how to do that in the academy
  5. Or if you’re already selling on Amazon and you are an advanced seller you can also get valuable content in the academy that will help you to grow your business and double your profit.
  6. And this is exclusive just to jungle scout customers you are not going to find this anywhere
  7. Most people who offer courses like this will charge $997 or more but Jungle scout has decided to give all of these for free with your jungle scout subscription.
  8. The founder and CEO Greg Mercer sells on Amazon he is also very active in jump send members community this is someone you can trust



Jungle Market​:

Jungle Scout | The 5 Easy Steps Ultimate guide plus video illustration  8


The best Amazon freelancers, all in one place. Save time and money hiring expert freelance services for your Amazon business.

#3-How to use jungle scout for beginners.


#4-How much jungle scout cost


Jungle Scout ($49/mo | $468/yr)

Extension ($39/mo | $228/yr)

JS&E Bundle ($69/mo | $588/yr)


Jungle Scout | The 5 Easy Steps Ultimate guide plus video illustration  9

Jungle scout includes a research tool in all of the plans even on the lowest level plan which is a huge advantage in my opinion


The keyword research tool is available on all the different plans unlike other platforms that only offer keyword research tool on their more expensive plans


They have a 14 days Money back guarantee. See if it’s right for you if it’s not then trying Viral launch will not be a bad idea.


And one of the biggest pros of jungle scout is that they have 15 days Money back guarantee so you can try on Jungle scout and if you don’t like it within the first 14 days get your money back


So for $49 a month if you are on the jungle scout plan you are getting all of their educational content included for free in that price.


And not only are you getting the academy and future release with that also come s all the other jungle scout functionality like the supplier tracker, Product database, Product tracker, Niche hunter, keyword scout, listing building, supplier database with ASIN functionality, email campaigns, promotions, Jungle scout Chrome extension, but all of this is also included in the jungle scout subscription


50% off jungle scout and extension $34.50 for your first month after that it goes up to $69 per month.


with all of their product, there is always a satisfaction Guaranteed if you are not happy with it for any reason within the first 14 days and they will refund your money you will also have access to their 24/7 amazing support team that is always ready to help you not only with the products but also just to better succeed in your business as written in their mission.


In Conclusion




Join Jungle Scout Here

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